About This Material Culture

This Material Culture is a jewellery company based in Liverpool with a vision and a passion for quirky, unique pieces of jewellery that anyone can afford. It’s run by Rebecca Gardom, with a little help from husband/best friend Sam, Pushki the bunny and Walter the chihuahua. We make everything by hand in Liverpool and we absolutely love creating amazing unique jewellery!

Material Culture is an archaeological term (that’s what I studied) for the stuff of everyday life, the things found that help paint a picture of the past, like the jewellery I had made for my self, which reflected me, my personality and interests. Our company creates handmade unique interest led fashion jewellery. We offer beautiful, bespoke pieces at affordable prices which allow you to show off your personality and wear the things you love.

We think jewellery can have value without being stuffed with diamonds, it’s about thought, concept and individuality. Using quirky charms, quality glass beads and buttons, we create completely unique pieces of jewellery that make you say ‘where have you been all my life?’.

As a company, our mission is to allow everybody to own a unique piece of handmade jewellery that reflects their personality. So if you love Paris, we have an eiffel tower pendant, a good cup of tea, we have a teacup bangle or what about an All of My heart bangle to say that you care.

We are quirky, fun and a little bit geeky, we want to chat with you, find out what you love, and find something in our collections that you will adore.

I’ve always enjoyed making jewellery and often got compliments on what I was wearing, people really loved my pieces and would constantly ask me where i got them and where they could buy the same. This got me thinking if people loved my stuff so much why couldn’t I sell it? I had a look around and couldn’t quite find anything that was similar to what I made, it was either crazy expensive or mass produced. After spending some months experimenting with techniques and designs, from our little flat in the centre of Liverpool, we started our jewellery company This Material Culture.

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