Tell me about shipping…

Our shipping is £1 to the UK and £2 worldwide no matter how many things you purchase from us!

I love your bangles, and would like to order some as bridesmaids gifts, what can you do for me?

Well, the best thing to do is get in touch! Either by the contact form, email or phone. As we are a small company and we make everything ourselves we can work with you to create the best bridesmaids gifts ever. We can either do you a bit of a discount on one of our existing bangles depending on how many you’d like. We can personalise your packaging, with a message such as ‘Thanks for being Lucy’s bridesmaid’, we could add initial charms, or we could even design a whole new bangle just for you, inspired by your wedding colours, with or without charms.

I own a shop and I’m interested in stocking your products…

Amazing! Please get in touch via the contact form and we can send you a wholesale information pack, and chat with you about what lines you’d like.

What are the pieces made of?

A range of materials are used in the creation of our jewellery – have a read of the product information for specific items. On the whole, we aim to keep our jewellery as accessible as possible, so we use mainly silver plated findings (clasps, chains, earring backs etc) and our charms are usually made of precious metal alloys. Our seed beads are all made of high quality glass, and if we use gemstones in our pieces, they will be genuine and mentioned in our product descriptions

I like one bangle and I like the charm from another bangle, can you change it for me?

Yes, of course we can! Just fill in the contact form and let us know what you want. Order the bangle and we’ll switch your charm for you.

Do you have a studio or a shop?

At the moment as a new business, we are based at home in Liverpool, and our studio is our dining room table! We think that this means we can keep our prices nice and reasonable and our jewellery gets that little homemade, quirky feel. We do a variety of fairs and events in Liverpool, so keep an eye out on our social media for those to come and say hello!

How big are the bangles?

Our bangles come in small and medium – the small bangles are 6cm across and the medium is 7cm across.