Halloween Treats and Halloween Jewellery

We’ve put together our favourite Halloween treats so you can get into the spirit (pun intended), we’ve also included some of our fab Halloween jewellery you can find at This Material Culture. From scary movies to Halloween bakes, here are some fun ideas for you.

halloween jewellery

Decorate your house

In Liverpool, we take decorating houses very seriously. Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas or the champions league final, we like to go all out. Go to your local pound shop for some bargain window decorations, get some cotton wool spider webs on your frames and throw a few fake bugs into your hanging basket.

Bake Some Delicious Halloween Treats

The lovely Rachel Teodoro blog recently posted a fab recipe for some mummy rice krispie treats. Super cute and delicious, they’re definitely on our Halloween baking list.

Epic Costume

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, your costume has to be on point. There’s the classic witch, ghost, clown etc or head to Pinterest for some awesome costume inspiration. The gorgeous F.B.L Savvy shared her  Demon of the Night Halloween makeup look with us – definitely worth a try, it’s fabulous!


Carve those pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is basically an art competition in our house. The current record holder is this epic Jurassic Park pumpkin that took me way too long. Last year I attempted a from stranger things, complete with creepy pumpkin seed goo, and Sam always opts for a classic scary face. Tag us in your epic pumpkin masterpiece – we want to see! Oh and be careful with knives and stuff.

Get yourself a fab Halloween necklace

We have fangs, spiders, pumpkinsskulls… all gorgeous Tibetan silver charms on a punky black cord. And for just £5 – why not buy one for a mate too. We can’t get enough of Halloween jewellery!

halloween necklaces

Stock up on the sweets

Whether you get loads of trick or treaters or you just like sweets, Halloween is the best excuse to treat yourself to something sugary. And if you’re looking for something different for your little visitors, our rings are super sweet and a total bargain. We even have Halloween jewellery!

Watch everything Tim Burton ever made

Tim Burton films are the perfect way to get into the Halloween mood – creepy and weird – just how we like it. The classic nightmare before Christmas has to be enjoyed (and get a Jack Skellington ring if you’re a fan). Also corpse bride, beetle juice, Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands and sleepy hollow are all excellent choices.

Listen to Spirits podcast

We love love love this podcast. Mythology and drinking are a big thumbs up from us. If you’re a podcast junkie or a first-time listener these fascinating stories from around the world are sure to get you feeling creepy and cool.

Have fun with the kids!

If you have little ones, or you can borrow some – check out this fab list of Halloween ideas from Mummy’s Diary.

Have a fabulous Halloween and don’t forget to use the discount code Halloween18 on our site during October – treat yourself to some spooky Halloween jewellery too!

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