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Looking for totally unique handmade gifts? At This Material Culture Handmade, we have so many gorgeous handmade gifts and homeware choices. If you are looking for bespoke jewellery, personalised cards, a handmade stained glass window or a patchwork baby quilt, we can help!

Let us know your ideas via the contact form and we’ll do some sketches and get you a quote.


We believe that handmade is best. We are passionate about creating handmade gifts for people we love, and those who mean the world to you. Sometimes the perfect piece is not on the high street, no matter where you look. We also believe that quality, handmade items shouldn’t be just for the rich and famous. Our affordable prices are accessible to everyone. We have a wide range of skills in our family business. We’ve made everything from dollhouses to necklaces to murals to tables.

From personalisation with initials, to totally bespoke pieces in chosen colour schemes, our handmade items make a truly special gift. If you just can’t find what you’re looking for on the high street, our bespoke jewellery making service is surprisingly affordable. If you have an outfit you want to match we can look at photos and send you some ideas, we’ll work all of your ideas into the piece and no detail is too small. Our process is totally transparent and you can be involved as much or little as you like. We love making bespoke pieces, it is amazing to create something beautiful and unique and match your ideas with our skills.

Our woven guitar straps are created on a peg loom, and take hours of patience to create. The adjustable strap is comfortable, and the attachments are easy to fit on any guitar. We also make woven camera straps and bag straps too. These handmade straps are totally customisable, tell us your design or colour requests and we can make a personalised guitar strap just for you!