Never Grow Up – Fun Jewellery for Your Inner Child

At This Material Culture we are all about fun jewellery that makes people happy. It’s on the office wall in big pink letters. There’s so much going on we could sit and complain about, and we know jewellery isn’t going to solve the worlds problems. BUT it can make you smile. And a smile is totally worth it in our opinion.

Whether you work with kids and want cool points, you have a terribly boring uniform that you want to add some colour to or you’re just a great big kid like we are, here’s some super fun jewellery you’ll love.

Unicorn Ring

Unicorns are awesome. That’s a universally recognized thing, and we totally appreciate the amount of unicorn related things you can buy now (I own all of them). So brighten up your day with a magical This Material Culture unicorn ring. We have a blue one too.

Unicorn ring

Junk Food Jewellery Set

Eat healthy, excercise… blah blah blah. We all know it’s important but seriously, pizza exists.  With bright M&M studs, a pizza slice necklace and a maccys fries ring, this set is just great. Celebrate all things a little bit naughty but super delicious with our junk food jewellery set.

junk food jewellery set


Dinosaur Necklace (s)

We love dinosaurs at This Material Culture. I have one tattooed on my leg. Our teeny tiny T Rex necklace has been one of our most popular favourite items and it is guaranteed to bring a squeal of delight from at least one person who notices you’re wearing it. Or for dedicated big kids, we have turned some of your favourite dinosaur toys into awesome necklaces just for you. Check out this Triceratops necklace. Give a dinosaur a home.

toy dinosaur triceratopsAlien Ring

For fans of Toy Story, our alien ring is just heaven. Whether you watched Ty Story when you were little or it’s great for keeping your own kids quiet, rock an alien ring. You’re super cool.

Alien RingBalloons Necklace

Everyone loves bright, colourful balloons (well nearly everyone). They remind us of parties and celebrating and eating too many sweets. Our gorgeous balloons necklace is colourful, cute and has a little bit of ‘Up’ inspiration.

balloons necklace

by This Material Culture

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