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Dinosaur Necklace


Our dinosaur necklace is cute, quirky and perfect for any dinosaur fan.

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This gorgeous little dinosaur necklace features a tiny bronze T Rex, just over a 1cm, hanging on a delicate 16″ silver plated chain. This little fella is super cute, one of our bestsellers and he has the cutest happy dinosaur face. This cute little tyrannosaurus rex necklace is a fab handmade dinosaur gift. Perfect for dinosaur lovers, fans of Jurassic Park, armchair paleontologists, science geeks and of course, your inner 5 year old.

Each of our lovely T Rex necklaces is handmade in the UK and it comes on a lovely This Material Culture card so makes a gorgeous gift! Everyone needs a little dinosaur jewellery! We can also gift wrap your dinosaur necklace UK for just a pound. The T Rex necklace is cute and quirky and so easy to wear. It’s perfect for adding a fun and unique twist to your look, so be bold and wear a cheeky little dinosaur necklace!

If you’re more of a herbivore, check out our awesome brachiosaurus necklace, we love veggie dinosaurs too! We have a fab dinosaur gift set, with our jurassic bangle, (with a t rex charm) and brachiosaurus necklace too.

A little more dinosaur necklace info

If you want to find out the story behind our dinosaur necklace, why we designed it and why we love it so much we’ve written a whole blog about it! Check out our hapiness is handmade blog series, where we look at our lovely dinosaur handmade necklace by clicking the link below.

the story behind the dinosaur necklace

Everyone’s favourite dinosaur

You can also find loads of great reviews of our lovely little tyrannosaurus rex necklace on some wonderful blogs like rachelcoco.blogspot.com or moshing zombies. Or you could just buy it for yourself! Each of our adorable dinosaur charm necklaces is handmade in the UK so you know it’s unique.


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