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Dragon Necklace


This super detailed dragon necklace is perfect for any fantasy fans.

This awesome dragon necklace is the perfect piece of handmade jewellery for any dragon fan out there.

The Dragon Necklace

The little silver dragon charm hangs on a 16″ silver plated chain. This handmade dragon silver necklace is perfect for fans of Game of Thrones, fantasy, the Hobbit, How to train your dragon … there’s a lot of great dragon things aren’t there?! Perfect for any Khaleesi, this little silver dragon charm is super detailed, with scales, a tail and tiny dragon wings too. Dragons are incredible mythical beasts from nearly every culture around the world. From ancient China to medieval England – dragon symbols can be seen in so many places. The dragon symbol also stands for power, good luck, strength and prosperity.

Like everything at This Material Culture, our dragon necklace is handmade in the UK. It also comes packaged on one of our This Material Culture necklace gift cards so it is perfect for a dragon gift. Our handmade jewellery is fun and quirky, and our silver dragon charm necklace is gorgeous.

Wear with our mother of dragons bangle for a coordinated dragon jewellery set too. Our dragon necklaces are delicate and dainty, and perfect for wearing every day to remind you you’re fierce. The tiny dragon charm is about 2cm and each handmade dragon necklace is a beautiful and unique jewellery piece.


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