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Lighthouse Necklace


The beautiful lighthouse necklace features a stunning detailed lighthouse charm, with little windows and a tiny door.

Complete the Look

The beautiful lighthouse necklace is a gorgeous, quirky necklace, perfect for anyone who loves the sea!

The Lighthouse Necklace

It features a stunning lighthouse charm, with little windows and a tiny door. The beautifully detailed charm hangs on a delicate 16″ chain, so it’s perfect for wearing everyday. The lighthouse necklace is whimsical, unique and handmade with love.

The lighthouse is a symbol of security and hope, so this unique necklace is a perfect reminder of this. Lighthouses are well loved and lighthouse jewelry reminds us that there is light in the darkness and there is always hope. Each lighthouse pendant packaged on a lovely This Material Culture card and it’s handmade in the UK. If you’re a fan of all things nautical, we also have a maritime bangleanchor necklace and a sailboat necklace too.

The lighthouse necklace is a lovely gift for someone to remind them there’s always light in the darkness. Because there is always light in the darkness. Remember that.



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