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Little Red Button Earrings


Little Red Button Earrings

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Our stunning little red button earrings are cute and quirky.

Red Button Earrings

These gorgeous red button earrings feature little red buttons on silver plated earring backs. We love button jewellery and our red button studs are so easy to wear. If you want quirky, handmade style to a professional look, these button studs are perfect. They are a small, super cute addition to your look and make an awesome pair of studs. We love making things, and our cute handmade button studs are one of our favourites. Wear with a stunning red button necklace to match too. We make each pair of This Material Culture button stud earrings in Liverpool, and they are a gorgeous treat! There are some fab handmade button jewellery options on our site, so have a look and choose your favourite!


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