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Mermaid Bangle


The beautiful mermaid bangle is a gorgeous handmade bracelet, with a bronze shell charm and ocean coloured beads, with pearls and crystals for extra sparkle.

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The beautiful mermaid bangle is the perfect sparkly bangle for any wannabe mermaid.

Our mermaid jewellery is inspired by beautiful mermaids, myths and the ocean. It features beads in turquoise, silver, green, purple as well as stunning crystals and pearl beads. The mermaid bracelet is a piece to treasure and a beautiful gift.

With a little bronze shell charm, the bangle reminds you that you are special and unique. And that beautiful things, like pearls, can come out of hard times. Our handmade mermaid bangle is the perfect gift for any mermaid fan, and anyone who loves the ocean too.

Each mermaid bangle is handmade in Liverpool. It’s in a gorgeous This Material Culture gift box and each maker signs the box by hand too. Each one of our bangles is handmade, and totally unique. It also has a silver clasp for extra security and it’s a gorgeous addition to any outfit. Match it with some beautiful ocean inspired earrings for ultimate mermaid style points.



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