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Peace Earrings


Handmade silver-coloured peace symbol earrings

These gorgeous peace earrings are essential for any hippy wardrobe. They’re handmade, they’re gorgeous and they are on silver plated earring wires. Each pair of silver peace charm necklace earrings is handmade in the UK.

Classic Peace Earrings

Wear our silver peace earrings with some rhinestone studs for a sparkly multi piercing ear! Our peace symbol earrings are the perfect gunge accessory for a 90s look. Check out our awesome retro plastic rings too.

At This Material Culture, we think jewellery should show off your unique personality. So if you hate nuclear weapons and love plants, get yourself the perfect peaceful earrings. Choose to shop small, and check out all of our handmade jewellery here.

These peace dangly earrings are fun and unique. We can also gift wrap your handmade earrings if they are a present for another hippy jewellery lover.


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