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Silver Feather Earrings


Beautiful Handmade Silver Feather Earrings

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These lovely silver feather earrings feature a lovely feather charm. Each feather charm also has a turquoise enamel inlay.

Silver Feather Earrings

The handmade feather earrings are on silver plated earring wires and make a gorgeous, quirky statement. The silver feather earrings make the perfect bohemian accessory, and the turquoise colour is beautiful. These feather charm earrings are a lovely, simple and stylish pair of handmade earrings.

These handmade feather earrings are a perfect way to show a little hint of the natural world. The feather earrings would also make a gorgeous gift. We package each pair on a This Material Culture jewellery card. We also make beautiful gold feather earrings if you’d like more than one pair of handmade feather earrings. Which of course you do!


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