The Story Behind… The Traveller Necklace

At This Material Culture we’re all about ideas – the bangle, necklace, earrings you buy weren’t churned out in a factory. Each piece has a story, a concept, and about 4 other earlier versions I decided weren’t good enough. I wanted to share the stories behind some of our pieces with you because we’re not a faceless company, we are two quirky, creative people with a passion for creating products that mean something (and are really pretty).

I really love it when a customer falls in love with one of our pieces. They pick it up, they tell you why they love it, you usually get to hear a good story and you know they absolutely love what they bought. The traveller necklace is one of those pieces. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m going to share the story behind it.

traveller necklace

I love miniature things. It’s probably why there are so many adorable pendants in our range. There’s something lovely about a tiny version of something. Our little bronze aeroplane that’s on the traveller necklace is so detailed you’ve got to love it. It’s got little aeroplane windows and a tiny cockpit – it’s cute.

When I’m designing pieces it’s all about finding something that people will connect with. Travel is such a widely loved thing. The world is beautiful and increasingly smaller and it’s getting easier and easier to have wonderful adventures and explore the world. I love reading travel blogs and browsing air bnb. Though we haven’t been on a plane in a while, there are so many places I’d love to see. Whenever someone buys the traveller necklace they tell us all about their favourite trip, from teaching in China, to working on a ranch in Australia to backpacking in Thailand – we love hearing your travel stories. Go ahead and tell us yours in the comments! The lovely Sarah ( reviewed our traveller necklace on her blog which you can read here…


The traveller necklace features the gorgeous bronze aeroplane charm and a little world charm that matches beautifully. This is one of our statement necklaces and I wanted it to be really special so each one has a lovely turquoise crystal that represents the oceans you’ve travelled over. It’s the perfect piece for anyone with a little wanderlust, or a beautiful reminder of a life changing trip. Travelling is smething so exciting, that stays with you forever and like a travel tattoo – this necklace is a little reminder you can wear everyday.

Each traveller necklace is handmade by me, like everything at This Material Culture. It’s  a beautiful necklace, with gorgeous charms and it’s a beautiful gift for the travel lover in your life.

So there you have it, your beautiful traveller necklace – inspired by… travelling!!

Get yours here xxx


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