So I wanted to share with you guys some of the concepts and ideas that are important in This Material Culture and our pieces and I thought I’d write a little blog post about it! You guys, our customers and fans, are so important to us and I wanted to share with you a little bit of the creative process behind the jewellery, especially the ideas that inspire us.

I LOVE to learn about things, me and Sam are always watching ted talks, going to the museums, surprising each other with random facts. One of the things that really interests me is ancient cultures, especially art, spirituality and artefacts (aka material culture!) and how they relate to each other. Don’t worry I’m not going to throw my dissertation at you, but I love the idea that we as humans put so much meaning and symbolism into objects and they become something more than what they are because of it.

So Ancient Egyptians wore amazing, tiny, intricate amulets for protection, but they also looked pretty. And the different amulets had different meanings, so if you wore an ankh symbol it represented life, if you wore an eye of horus it would protect you from snake bites (there’s a whole myth to this that is fascinating but you can google it kids, this is a jewellery site!). I think this is something that we still do, from the apple logo on your iphone, to the band on your tshirt, to the silver clover on your lucky bangle. Everything you wear says something about you, so it might as well be something awesome!

Our jewellery is packed with symbolism, the hamsa necklace is all about protection, the peace earrings have the well recognised peace symbol. And it’s not just the obvious symbols, all of our pieces allow you to share a little something about yourself with the world, the gramophone necklace shows your love of music, the stars and stripes bangle is all about americana and the knitting bangle is a great way to show off your hobby.

We want our jewellery to be all about you, the things you love and of course, it looks pretty too!

by This Material Culture

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